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Re: your mail

As I recall, you need to bind as a dn to modify a tree.

so on my NW5 server I would:

ldapmodify -h lister -D cn=allen,ou=slc,o=driversoft -w PassWord

where cn=allen,ou=slc,o=driversoft  has modify rights on my NDS tree.

on my slapd server, it is:
ldapmodify -h kryton -D cn=admin,o=driversoft,c=US -w secret.

where in my slapd.conf I have:
rootdn          "cn=admin, o=Driversoft, c=US"
rootpw          secret

hope that helps you.

Allen Reese
Senior Software Engineer
Driversoft, Inc.

On Tue, 29 Dec 1998 clundel@coat.com wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> When I use "ldapmodify," I get the response
> "Insufficient Access."
> I'm running as root.
> Can anyone tell me how to remedy this situation?
> Thank you all,
> Chris Lundell