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Re: initial config of OpenLDAP 1.01

On 8 Sep 1998, Robin Stephenson wrote:
> test:
>     dn: o=Blackwell's Information Services, c=GB
>     o: Blackwell's Information Services
>     objectClass: organization

In my experience with the U-MICH server, it choked horribly if the
objectclass was not the first attribute. I don't know if thats fixed with
OpenLDAP (though I sure hope it is!).
> However, if I run `ldapsearch -v "objectClass=*" cn' I get the
> following output:
>     ldap_open( localhost, 389 )
>     filter pattern: objectClass=*
>     returning: cn 
>     filter is: (objectClass=*)
>     ldap_search: Partial results and referral received
>     0 matches

Whenever you receive a referral, your server thinks that it is not
authorative for the data you searched for. Most of the time, the cause is
a wrong search-root. 

To correct the siutation, either make sure that the default search-root in
ldapconfig.h.edit is the same as the one in your slapd.conf file, or
explicitly give the searchroot when calling ldapsearch (with the -b
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