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initial config of OpenLDAP 1.01

I've got 1.01 compiled (thanks, whoever fixed the 1.0 Makefiles -- you
beat me to it) and am trying to install a simple database.  I seem to
be able to add data, but not to retrieve it.

My config is as follows:

    include         /usr/local/stow/OpenLDAP-1.01/etc/ldap/slapd.at.conf
    include         /usr/local/stow/OpenLDAP-1.01/etc/ldap/slapd.oc.conf
    schemacheck     off
    # don't bang on the Michigan server
    #referral       ldap://ldap.itd.umich.edu
    database        ldbm
    suffix          "o=Blackwell's Information Services, c=GB"
    directory       /usr/tmp
    rootdn          "cn=root, o=Blackwell's Information Services, c=GB"
    rootpw          secret

    dn: o=Blackwell's Information Services, c=GB
    o: Blackwell's Information Services
    objectClass: organization

    dn: cn=Robin Stephenson, o=Blackwell's Information Services, c=GB
    cn: Robin Stephenson
    sn: Stephenson
    mail: robin.stephenson@blackwell.co.uk
    objectClass: person

I then run `/usr/local/sbin/ldif2ldb -i test', which creates a bunch
of files in /usr/tmp.  So far, so good -- if I look inside these files
with `strings' I can see the data.

However, if I run `ldapsearch -v "objectClass=*" cn' I get the
following output:
    ldap_open( localhost, 389 )
    filter pattern: objectClass=*
    returning: cn 
    filter is: (objectClass=*)
    ldap_search: Partial results and referral received
    0 matches

What am I doing wrong?  I presume it's something pretty straightforward
that I've forgotten...

 Robin Stephenson
 EPA Pollution Preventer