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Ldap with other standard servers ?

Hi Folks,
   I am new t this list but have been involved in trying to use ldap for
authentiaction and access control. So far most of my experience has been
with the Netsacpe Suitespot servers.

My current ldap based systems include:
1:    apache web server 1.3 with modified mod_ldap for authentication
and access control.
2:    IRC v1.9 with a mod for nickname/password authentication to ldap.
(this is to expanded to include chanel access control at some point int
the future.
3:    Mail service with netscape messenger.
4:    News services with Netsacpe Collabra.
5:    ftp services via a pam module to linux redhat.

Recently I have been using PHP for web server side scripting and have
come in contact with the imap server from Washington Uni.. A quick look
a the code indicated that an "LDAP" environment ( their terminology)
could be easily added to the imap server.

The INN news server is now an Open source project. a Quick look at the
code indicates that ldap authentication would be relatively easy but
access control could be a bit more difficult.

Is there a push or project to have the use of ldap services for
authentication and access control added to the build options of the
"standard/reference" versions of the various servers. Or even to use an
ldap service for configuration managment.

PHP could be used to create a web interface for ldap managed servers
including the ldap server itself similar to that provided by "Netscape

Just some of my thoughts,
      Gerrit Thomson.