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Re: release 2.4.46?

--On Tuesday, January 09, 2018 9:57 AM +0000 Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> wrote:

Obviously this is non-optimal - I keep reminding people to use this
mailing list to discuss issues, so that we have a permanent record of our
technical decisions. But there's some friction there, since current work
also revolves around customer-specific issues and we're testing with
customer-specific data, which must be kept confidential.

The answer would have been the same regardless of any of the above. We have no fixed release time table, nor should we. I'd also note that this answer is not uncommon. You'd get a similar response if you were asking other projects about when they planned to release as well.

It's also rather ironic to proclaim the project as "dead", when we've had one of the most productive periods in years. Issues that have languished in the ITS system for ages are finally being looked at and addressed. We've had significantly more traffic on the -devel list in discussion around those fixes and other issues, with my openldap-scratch repo and ITS reviews. Ondrej and others have also been noting their work and development thoughts on the -devel list (See "Approaches to ITS#8772", "VC exop and LDAPWhoAmI", "Persistent Sessionlog", etc, threads).

In addition, anyone even paying a small amount of attention to the openldap-bugs list would see there continue to be incoming issues that would need to be addressed before 2.4.46 is released (ITS#8791, is one recent example). There are also clearly commits that are currently in master only that still need review and inclusion into RE24 (ITS#8774 being one such).

As a long time participant of the list, Michael's also more then aware that the release process involves testing calls. So far, there have been zero testing calls for 2.4.46. It is not hard to deduce from the lack of said testing calls that the current code base is not considered ready for release.



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