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Re: ITS review 9/29/2017

--On Friday, October 06, 2017 2:27 PM +0100 Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> wrote:

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

Suggested for RE24:

its7389 - Fix MozNSS to fallback to PEM if cert not found in certdb
(RE24 ONLY) <https://github.com/quanah/openldap-scratch/tree/its7389>

Questionable, since the required PEM support module is 3rd party and not
included in MozNSS. We have no way to test or support this patch.

This appears to be a fix for ITS#7276 (Added 2.4.32, 2012/07/31), which we already accepted into RE24. So it seems a legitimate fix to include in RE24.

its7442 - Add debug statements when index_intlen values are out of range

Looks pointless.

Well, the man page is not clear on this point. I'm fine dropping the debug statements, but what about the manpage updates which clarify the min/max allowed values?

its8037 - Fix delta-syncrepl with relax

Looks like an enhancement, not a bugfix

I included this for RE24 as the reporter hit this problem with RE24. If we don't want to put it in RE24, are we OK for RE25/master?

its8167 - Fix nonblocking TLS with referrals

OK, but non-blocking TLS was LDAP_DEVEL, not supported in RE24. This
patch should be master/RE25 only.

I noted this for RE24 because the reporter was using the feature in RE24 (I.e., they specifically enabled it). Is there any harm in including (but not documenting via the changes file) it in RE24?

its8605 - Fix various spelling errors

Introduces trailing whitespace - kill that before committing.
In general, this patch falls under the "do not improve" rule
http://www.openldap.org/devel/programming.html and should be rejected for
not fixing any actual bugs. Many of the typos being fixed are in comments
that are never user-visible anyway. Pollutes git history for a large
number of files without any significant benefit.

Better leave it out of re24.

Is this ok for master/RE25 then?

its8511 - Fix documentation for multimaster, deprecate mirrormode

Gratuitous change, existing docs and practices are already established.
Hard enough to get people to update their docs, this is a bad idea.

This change is not gratuitous in the least. The misinformation in our current documentation leads to constant confusion among end users, who often do not want to go to the lengths necessary to deploy the *concept* that is mirror mode, and instead just want to do "multimaster", so they leave our current misnamed 'mirrormode' parameter set to false. Fixing the documentation to match the reality of what's being configured is a positive step to removing confusion and to stop misleading end users on what is being done. I've provided numerous links from the mailing list where this caused problems for end users before. Our parameters should reflect what they actually do.

its8573 - Add TLS options to ldap* tools

The manpage updates are a bit excessive. Maybe we need a single manpage
just for common options, that we can refer to from all of the individual
commands' pages.

Ok, I'll add that to my RE25 stack of rework.



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