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Re: ITS review 9/29/2017

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
Howard -- Looking for a thumbs up/down on these.

The following ITSes were mostly supplied with patches and are IPR ok. I've imported them into my openldap-scratch repo for easy review. If they didn't have a supplied patch, I did the related work. Branch names are by ITS.

Suggested for LMDB 0.9:
its8612 - Fix LMDB builds on Solaris & derivative OSes



Suggested for RE24:

its5048 - Fix documentation for entryCSN with syncprov


its7100 - Fix slapo-dds with entryTTL currently not decreasing


its7373 - Fix tls_session reuse when hostname check fails


its7374 - Fix MozNSS file matching for hashed CA cert directory (RE24 ONLY)


its7389 - Fix MozNSS to fallback to PEM if cert not found in certdb (RE24 ONLY)

Questionable, since the required PEM support module is 3rd party and not included in MozNSS. We have no way to test or support this patch.

its7442 - Add debug statements when index_intlen values are out of range

Looks pointless.

its7520 - Omit unknown schema option for back-ldap


its8037 - Fix delta-syncrepl with relax

Looks like an enhancement, not a bugfix

its8121 - Add LDAP_SASL_SIMPLE to ldap_bind(3)


its8167 - Fix nonblocking TLS with referrals

OK, but non-blocking TLS was LDAP_DEVEL, not supported in RE24. This patch should be master/RE25 only.

its8404 - Fix assertion with back-meta when olcDbRewrite is changed


its8578 - Remove unused variables in RE24


its8583 - Fix C++ LDAPCtrl structure


its8605 - Fix various spelling errors

Introduces trailing whitespace - kill that before committing.
In general, this patch falls under the "do not improve" rule http://www.openldap.org/devel/programming.html and should be rejected for not fixing any actual bugs. Many of the typos being fixed are in comments that are never user-visible anyway. Pollutes git history for a large number of files without any significant benefit.

Better leave it out of re24.

its8687 - OpenSSL 1.1 compatibility, fix build when cross-compiling

Squash into a single commit.

Purely for RE25:

its6035 - Fix slapd so it doesn't require restart after modifying olcAuthzRegexp


its6300 - Add support for kqueue


its6475 - Add documentation to slapd.conf(5) and slapd-config(5) for SASLDONTUSECOPY


its7042 - Make it possible to unset TLS options with syncrepl


its7532 - Add ldap_connection function for asynchronous clients

Ondrej was just asking about this one yesterday anyway.

its7721 - Allow authTimestamp to be forwarded via updateref


its8037 - Fixes delta-sync replication when "relax" is used to modify the structural OC of an entry


its8153 - olcTimeLimit should be SINGLE-VALUE


its8291 - Fix slapmodify with BDB backends


its8508 - ucgendat.c properly add title-case characters without upper-case equivalents (e.g. greek letters with iota subscript)


its8511 - Fix documentation for multimaster, deprecate mirrormode

Gratuitous change, existing docs and practices are already established. Hard enough to get people to update their docs, this is a bad idea.

its8527 - Improve SYNC debug output in certain situations


its8573 - Add TLS options to ldap* tools

The manpage updates are a bit excessive. Maybe we need a single manpage just for common options, that we can refer to from all of the individual commands' pages.

its8692 - Support LDAP_MOD_INCREMENT with back-sock




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