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Documentation format for cn=config in man pages?

There are some outstanding ITSes that patch existing man pages to add cn=config bits, such as:

ITS#7288, ITS#7335, ITS#6277

However, they've gone nowhere as there has been no definitive way decided on how to present cn=config information in the man pages.

Currently, we have only 3 man pages (outside of slapd-config(5)) that have some reference olc*

slapd-ldap(5) has a random comment about olcDbQuarantine, but zero other reference to cn=config slapo-auditlog(5) is purely written for cn=config, and may be what we want for our standard slapo-unique(5) has a reference to olcUniqueURI mixed in with unique_uri, but no other reference to cn=config

Going with slapo-auditlog(5), I wonder if it would make more sense to group the keywords together:

auditlog <filename>
olcAuditlogFile <filename>
	description of attribute/keyword

rather than having two sections like is currently done.

I'd really like to get started on getting these updated, so feedback welcome.



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