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C90 support (was: Variadic Debug() macro)

On 14. juli 2017 17:23, Ondřej Kuzník wrote:
I think it is time to modernise the debug logging a bit, this would make
our life easier when logging and running make (with the copious warnings
compilers will generate unless one passes -Wno-format-extra-args).

The major obstacle to this is the thousands of lines that need
adjusting, (...)
The obstacle is that we support building OpenLDAP with C90 compilers.

If we ditch that and require a C99 compiler, we can kill annoyances like
Debug() extra args.  IIRC the answer has been "sigh, not yet" for a long
time, I don't remember if it still was last time we talked about it.

(We can still have headers which support C90, so people only need C99
for building.)