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Re: scrypt ASICs - litecoin N, r, p settings - Re: Revisiting the SHA1 default password hash

> Requiring 1GB for a password hash will preclude using it on small devices, 
> e.g. raspberry pi.
> Even 16MB is excessive.

It's sounding like the newer and more complicated hashes have a lot of configurable features that may need site-local tuning.  Should these be part of e.g. slapd.conf config or be settings embedded in the value format for later clarity, like


Considering the size of some of these newfangled hashes, attribute length doesn't look to be a relevant concern any longer.  Realistically this would probably be a better way to express things like salt values in addition to the iteration counts and so on.  If a structured value is what we really want there, BER might be more appropriate, possibly with a leading {EXTENDED-STRUCTURE} hash declaration.

Emily Backes
Symas Corporation