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Re: scrypt ASICs - litecoin N, r, p settings - Re: Revisiting the SHA1 default password hash

On 07/03/2017 19:13, Emily Backes wrote:
>> Requiring 1GB for a password hash will preclude using it on small devices, 
>> e.g. raspberry pi.
>> Even 16MB is excessive.
> It's sounding like the newer and more complicated hashes have a lot of configurable features that may need site-local tuning.  Should these be part of e.g. slapd.conf config or be settings embedded in the value format for later clarity, like
> {HASHNAME:attr=val,attr=val,attr=val}SnVzdCBhbiBleGFtcGxlLCBzaWxseQ==
> Considering the size of some of these newfangled hashes, attribute length doesn't look to be a relevant concern any longer.  Realistically this would probably be a better way to express things like salt values in addition to the iteration counts and so on.  If a structured value is what we really want there, BER might be more appropriate, possibly with a leading {EXTENDED-STRUCTURE} hash declaration.
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> Emily Backes
> Symas Corporation
> ebackes@symas.com

I'd humbly suggest avoiding custom encodings and sticking with the already
defined modular crypt format encodings, and available at:


prefixed by a (reduntant) hash identifier, like '{scrypt}' or '{argon}' to
avoid "strange" interactions with the host's libc defined crypt(3).

Thank you,