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Re: back-llog

Howard Chu wrote:
> Was just thinking we could do a quite simple backend for use with the accesslog
> overlay and delta-syncrepl. It would write into flat files and do typical
> logfile rotation on its own. The backing store would have a minimum of two files
> - one for the suffix entry, one for the current chunk of logs. There would be a
> configurable number of logfiles, with the oldest simply being deleted when it's
> time to purge.

Two things I'd consider helpful for long-time archiving/auditing:

1. filenames to allow of "merging" different log flat files into one big file
store on a different slapd instance.

2. instead of deleting moving files to an archive directory.

I know it's a different use-case but quite handy.

Ciao, Michael.

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