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Re: When must slap_callback.sc_writewait be set?

On 06/06/16 08:26, Леонид Юрьев wrote:
There a lot of bugs around slap_callback.sc_writewait

Last I heard, we should stay away from your repo duo to an IPR conflict.
Can you summarize, if it's more than what I got?
slapd:          backover.c, syncrepl.c.
slapd/slapi:    slapi_overlay.c.
slapd/overlays: constraint.c, dds.c, dynlist.c, memberof.c, pcache.c.
contrib/slapd-modules: authzid/authzid.c.

That's from <git://git.uio.no/u/hbf/openldap.git> branch "writewait".