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RE24 testing call #1 (2.4.42) LMDB RE0.9 testing call #1 (0.9.16)

OpenLDAP 2.4.42 Engineering
       Fixed liblber address length for CLDAP (ITS#8158)
Fixed libldap dnssrv potential overflow with port number (ITS#7027,ITS#8195)
       Fixed slapd cn=config when updating olcAttributeTypes (ITS#8199)
Fixed slapd-mdb to correctly update search candidates for scoped searches (ITS#8203)
       Fixed slapo-ppolicy with redundant mod ops on glued trees (ITS#8184)
       Build Environment
               Fixed libdb detection with gcc 5.x (ITS#8056)

LMDB 0.9.16 Release Engineering
       Fix cursor EOF bug (ITS#8190)
       Fix handling of subDB records (ITS#8181)
       Fix mdb_midl_shrink() usage (ITS#8200)

This release is primarly addressing crash related problems and to fix the configure script for gcc 5.x.




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