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Re: openldap.git branch master updated. b7a291a488dff3902931559670cf94c7abe2655b

Florian Weimer wrote:
* Howard Chu:

For greater throughput we need a logging mechanism that doesn't rely
on sprintf. I.e., we should consider a binary log format where we
simply pass around short message IDs (and relevant message parameters)
and use a compiled message catalog that maps IDs to text. This would
require a post-processor to read the binary log and generate
human-readable messages somewhere else. (It's obviously not a new
concept, IBM mainframes have done this for decades; the Microsoft
system logger does this as well.)

Current systems have journald, which does something like that.

I had thought of journald, but looking at its API, it seems to still primarily work with fully-formatted messages being sent from the logging clients.


We want to be able to dump unformatted data items, and incur all the formatting cost in the post-processor. Otherwise, we haven't gained anything in terms of performance.

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