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Re: Update/drop cruft: LDAP_DEPRECATED, CLDAP, C version

On 21/06/15 02:33, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
I'd vote for killing the deprecated functions from 2.5, although I agree
it'd be nice to keep a trivial wrapper specificaly for simple binds.  I
rarely see traffic from people any longer on how to convert code using
them to the new functions (I.e., the majority of code utilizing libldap
seems to have moved to the non-deprecated fuctions).  Neither RH nor
Debian appear to default to compiling with them enabled, so the numerous
packages that link to libldap(_r) must have migrated off of them as well.

Linking is irrelevant.  libldap(_r) always includes the functions.
The user #defines LDAP_DEPRECATED to expose their prototypes in ldap.h.