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ITS#8102, syncrepl concurrency

We should probably change the consumer such that when multiple consumers are configured on a context, only one of them can be active at a time. In particular, in refresh phase, you'll get multiple redundant copies of the refresh data. All providers should be equivalent, so whichever one we connect to first should be used and any others should be left idle.

Or, each session should be established completely sequentially - do a complete refresh from provider #1, then do the same for provider #2, etc... In a quiescent setup, the refreshes after provider #1 will be no-ops because the consumer is already up to date. In a busy setup, each refresh will still have work to do but it will be a smaller volume after provider #1's refresh completes.

Simplest would be to just establish the first connection and ignore other providers unless the first connection breaks. Unfortunately this wouldn't be reliable in MMR - you could have two nodes pointed at each other, ignoring any other nodes in the configuration.

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