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Re: lmdb: is read operation permitted inside the write transaction?

Dmytro Milinevskyy wrote:

this might be a trivial question for you but I didn't find anything in the
documentation nor any mention in the examples.

Which examples did you look at? mtest.c (and others) all operate this way already.

Basically I need to have an opportunity to call mdb_get while in write
The sequence is smth like:
  - txn = mdb_txn_begin(flags=0)
  for i in 0..x:
    - v = mdb_get(txn, i)
    - mdb_put(txn, x+i, v)
    - mdb_put(txn, i, v+1)
  - mdb_txn_commit(txn)

Will it be always valid data?


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