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Re: LMDB-Patches and SQLightning-Issues

Johannes Munk (P5) wrote:
Dear Howard and OpenLDAP-team!

First of all: thanks a lot for the great LMDB and all the effort you
have put into it.

In the last couple of weeks we have been trying to get LMDB/SQLightning
to work as backend for our semantic network software.

On that road we made LMDB compatible with Win8.1/MSVC2013 (see patches
here <https://gitlab.com/lukas-w/lmdb/commits/p5>), fixing scrambled
and made SQLightning work with files greater than 4 GB

But after some simple tests that worked, we ran into some issues, which
we can't get a handle on. We have reported most of our issues here:

It would be great, if you could take a peek!

Hi. Will take a look when time is available. Just to note, importing the LMDB repos from gitorious to gitlab was unsuccessful/incomplete and we never found any diagnostics on gitlab to indicate why. As such we have given up on using both gitorious and gitlab. Ongoing work with LMDB subprojects will be on github instead.


Development on LMDB itself will continue to occur in the main OpenLDAP git repos, with read-only mirroring to github.

  -- Howard Chu
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