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Re: [WIP] WiredTiger Backend

Hi, Howard

Thanks for your responce!

On 月, 27  4月 2015 at 12:46:12 JST,
Howard Chu wrote:
> Interesting, thanks for the contribution. Looks like there is no
> manpage though, do you have one?
I will write it soon :p

> > Some note:
> > * slapadd, slapcat, slapindex will works.
> > * LDAP BIND, ADD, DELETE, SEARCH will works.
> How well does it work, good enough to run benchmarks now?

I have just tested on virtual machine, back-wt LDAP ADD(with single
thread) is 20-30x times faster than back-bdb.
I'm looking forward to benchmarking with many thread.
I'll publish benchmarks just when I get high spec machine.

> > * WiredTiger is not support multiprocess access yet.
> >    It mean that we can't to do slatcat while running slapd.
> >    It will be supported in the future.
> You should use alock in the meantime then, to prevent multiprocess access.

WiredTiger is planning to implement RPC for multiprocess access.

I think it will communicate with unix domain socket.
I'm planning to use the feature to avoid multi process locking.

Thank you.

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