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Re: slaptest-ldif -l <ldif> tool or slapadd option

Le 24/03/15 23:56, Howard Chu a écrit :
> Hallvard Breien Furuseth wrote:
>> I'd like a slap tool which verifies an LDIF before I try to
>> ldapadd/slapadd it.
>> "slapadd -u -o value-check=yes" is fairly close.  What does it fail
>> to catch?
>> I can think of:
>> - Duplicate entries.
> Quite an unrealistic requirement. You need to store the set of
> entryDNs to achieve this, and for a large LDIF you may need an actual
> database to manage this. Might as well just do a normal slapadd.
Let me disagree. A simple merge sort will do the trick. No need of a
database to deal with that, even for a large LDIF. We have done some
tests with the tool we use to handle bulkloads at ApacheDS, and that
works quite fine, and quite fast enough.