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Re: Fwd: LMDB and text encoding

>>> > A path is always a Unicode string, while a DB name can be an arbitrary
>>> > binary blob.
>>> On many POSIX platforms, a path is a blob which does not contain
>>> '\000'.  These systems do not enforce Unicode encoding at all.
>> My mistake. I was unaware.
>> On those platforms, how do you type a path name into a terminal?
> There are some files which are not directly nameable.  Many programs
> support special sequences such as “Ctrl+V 3 7 7” to enter arbitrary
> bytes, but that's not universal.  Depending on the actual
> implementation of the terminal, cut-and-paste of funny file names can
> work, too.
> Older programs have trouble accessing such files even if the user
> chooses them in a file selection dialog, but current version are
> supposed to have been fixed (including OpenJDK, which took a
> ridiculously long time).  Beyond that, it's not much different from
> dealing with file names in an unfamiliar script.

So ultimately, there are always going to be things that you cannot
type into your terminal directly.