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Re: Fwd: LMDB and text encoding

Timur Kristóf wrote:
I just had a look at how BDB handled this. As you can see they used a
TO_TSTRING macro to convert incoming pathnames from UTF8 to UTF16.



(And a FROM_TSTRING for the reverse, as well.)

(Mea culpa, I accidentally hit "reply" instead of "reply all". Sorry.
Now reposting to the mailing list.)

Since we only need to do this on Windows, we could use
MultiByteToWideChar with CP_UTF8. (That's what TO_TSTRING does, too.)
I do not think we would ever need to do any such conversion on UNIX.

Correct, these macros only exist in the Windows-specific source files of BDB. None of this is needed for POSIX.


I'm not sure if we can just copy-paste BDB's code. Probably not, that
would lead to licensing issues, wouldn't it?

I wasn't suggesting a copy/paste, just using it as an example of how the problem could be approached.

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