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Re: CVS branching -> Git branching model

Hallvard Breien Furuseth wrote:
Aha, I hadn't caught that.  I remember slapmodify (or the companion LDIF
api?) is buggy and had the distinct impression that this is well known.
I may have been thinking of contrib:ucn rather than contrib:vc.
<grepping...>  a note from hyc @ irc: "ITSs against it [usn] should be
discarded since we already know it's not meant to be used".  WTF...

The usn overlay was committed as-is but was not completed; at the time of writing we had no complete spec for usn behavior. I think complete specs have turned up since then, but it hasn't been a high enough priority for me to go back and finish it, and no one else has bothered to look at completing it.

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