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Re: back-monitor API: monitor_subsys_t

Ondrej Kuznik wrote:
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I'm looking over back-monitor's interface to get some more monitoring to
back-ldap, mainly operation count, just like the one in
cn=operations,cn=monitor and finishing the connection monitoring in

There is a part of the monitor API that is a bit unclear to me:
In order to register an entry with register_entry(), one needs a
monitor_subsys_t structure, but how to obtain one? Is it a
back-monitor's job to appoint one or the monitored backend's?

The only use of this structure outside back-monitor is back-ldap again,
not relying on anyone when populating the structure, however a comment
directly above that code reads: "set up the fake subsystem [...]", where
the "fake" reads to me as "we shouldn't need one at all".

The backend in question creates the monitor_subsys_t and gives it to back-monitor. The "fake subsystem" is a container entry; the actual monitored connections would report their status in individual child entries of that fake entry.

I understand the monitoring in back-ldap is functionally a stub with the
infrastructure *mostly* done, so maybe there was a rewrite of the
relevant code planned? What else should I take into consideration and/or
be looking into during my efforts?

What you see is what you get. I don't believe Ando has any time to work on this at the moment so there's nothing else planned.

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Ondrej Kuznik
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