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LDAP Verify Credentials operation

I'm going to add a LDAP 'Verify Credentials' operation to the client side in OpenLDAP (as that's I'll I need).  The operation behaves like LDAP Bind excepting it has no impact upon the underlying LDAP session (no change to the authorization associations, no change of layers, etc.).   No spec yet, want to have a working implementation first.

The operation is intended to be used by LDAP clients which are application protocol servers to authenticate application protocol users.  For instance, a web server could authenticate it's users via this operation.  Multiple operations can be executed in parallel on a session.  SASL can be used.   Could also be used by a DSA to authenticate users whose entries (or complete entries) are not held by the DSA.

Wondering if there are any volunteers to implement the server side?  Should be relatively straight forward.

-- Kurt