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Re: LDAP Verify Credentials operation

> I'm going to add a LDAP 'Verify Credentials' operation to the client side
> in OpenLDAP (as that's I'll I need).  The operation behaves like LDAP Bind
> excepting it has no impact upon the underlying LDAP session (no change to
> the authorization associations, no change of layers, etc.).   No spec yet,
> want to have a working implementation first.
> The operation is intended to be used by LDAP clients which are application
> protocol servers to authenticate application protocol users.  For
> instance, a web server could authenticate it's users via this operation.
> Multiple operations can be executed in parallel on a session.  SASL can be
> used.   Could also be used by a DSA to authenticate users whose entries
> (or complete entries) are not held by the DSA.
> Wondering if there are any volunteers to implement the server side?
> Should be relatively straight forward.

I can spare some time on this, hopefully.  Is it OK if I start looking at
how request/response are encoded in the client library, or should I know
something more first?

Cheers, p.