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LDAPI support in JLDAP


Let me introduce myself, I'm working on the IPA & Samba integration
effort and I'm building a Java-based synchronization tool that
communicates with LDAP servers using the JLDAP library. Here is some
background about the project:

The LDAP servers used here is the 389 DS (formerly known as Fedora
DS). When it's used as Samba private backend, the DS is configured
only to listen to LDAPI protocol. I'm trying to use the JLDAP library,
but currently it doesn't seem to support LDAPI. I think it's natural
to add LDAPI support into JLDAP because OpenLDAP also supports LDAPI.
Is there already a plan to add this feature?

I've been doing some investigation and it seems that it can be added
without too much effort because there's an existing library called
junixsocket which can provide access to Unix Domain Sockets from Java:

Here is a proposal of the changes need to be made to JLDAP in order
to support LDAPI:

My questions are:
1. Who is currently maintaining the JLDAP module?
2. Is it ok to modify the IETF API slightly as described in the
3. Is it ok to include junixsocket in JLDAP? Alternatively we could
   design a pluggable interface so other people can add new protocol
   schemes into JLDAP.

Please let me know if you have any comments, questions, or
suggestions. Thank you very much.

Endi S. Dewata