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> On Aug 18, 2009, at 5:20 AM, masarati@aero.polimi.it wrote:
>> The code is littered with tests like #ifdef HAVE_GMTIME_R, but
>> there's no
>> longer tests for gmtime_r() in configure.  Is it time to cleanup a
>> bit?
>> p.
> I note that OpenLDAP Software uses a single configure script to
> generate configuration information used for building both thread-aware
> and thread-unaware programs and libraries.  Hence, special care must
> be taken the generated configuration information is valid for both
> purposes.  In some cases, it's easier just to avoid the differences
> (such as by using (or not) certain system interfaces).
> It likely would be better to have two (thread-aware/thread-unaware) or
> three (common/thread-aware/thread-unaware) configure scripts.

I'm inclined towards defining a private function, with an interface
analogous to that of the tread-safe function, and use it all times,
re-entrant as appropriate.  If the re-entrant function is available, a
#define could be used instead.  Otherwise, the wrapper would take care of
the rest.  This would solve the issue once for all, and clean up quite a
bit the code, as any mutex would no longer need to be exposed.