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masarati@aero.polimi.it writes:
> I'm inclined towards defining a private function, with an interface
> analogous to that of the tread-safe function, and use it all times,
> re-entrant as appropriate.  If the re-entrant function is available, a
> #define could be used instead.  Otherwise, the wrapper would take care of
> the rest.  This would solve the issue once for all, and clean up quite a
> bit the code, as any mutex would no longer need to be exposed.

That would mean moving lutil_gettime() (and its caller lutil_csnstr()?)
to libldap, so libldap_r can use the mutex.

But not exposing gmtime_mutex would break third-partly modules that
use gmtime()/localtime() correctly, which means protecting them with
gmtime_mutex.  We could however register gmtime_mutex in libldap,
similar to registering which memory functions to use.