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ITS#6152 pcache enhancements

Just starting to look at implementing Time-To-Refresh, and wondering how it impacts other parameters.

proxysavequeries allows queries to be saved and reloaded across restarts. Currently it will only reload non-expired queries. The implication of setting the offline mode is that expired entries may remain in the cache. Should they in fact be reloadable too?

The proxytemplate directive has gotten a bit cumbersome, with optional negative TTL and sizelimit TTL added on. This would be the natural place to add the TTR config as well. Should there be independent TTR for negative and sizelimit too? (And it seems we should move from positional arguments to named arguments here...)

Given the existence of a TTR feature, I'm less concerned about the proxysavequeries behavior. One should simply set a long TTL and set TTR as needed to keep the cache fresh.

As a side point, I'd prefer more consistency in the config keyword names, we should have used "pcache" as the prefix for all the keywords...

pcache <database> ...
pcacheattrset <index> ...
pcachemaxqueries <queries>
pcachevalidate <bool>
pcachepersist <bool>
pcacheset template=<string> attrset=<index> ttl=<secs> [negttl=<secs>] ...
pcacheposition (head|tail)

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