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Re: cn=config: sharing, conditionals

Howard Chu writes:
>Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
>> Unless you have different servers for different purposes, which share
>> _some_ data - e.g. a database with user/group info.  Though then it may
>> be about time to give up the idea of replicating config.  It might only
>> be feasible to replicate the config of the shared database anyway.
> Indeed. Most of the cases you're talking about are cases where it makes no 
> sense to talk about shared config.

I disagree with that, the configs can still be mostly identical.

> Let's acknowledge that those cases exist, and are not the cases of
> interest here, and ignore them. If you want to have distinct settings
> on each server, then go manage them distinctly; there's nothing else
> to talk about there.

Absolutely.  In particular since I'm not volunteering to implement it.

BTW, I can think of one other use of replicated config: Support.  The
site admin could do at least some config updates without having to log
in on each server host.  Your suffixmassage suggestion should be perfect
for that.