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Re: cn=config: sharing, conditionals

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
Unless you have different servers for different purposes, which share
_some_ data - e.g. a database with user/group info.  Though then it may
be about time to give up the idea of replicating config.  It might only
be feasible to replicate the config of the shared database anyway.

Indeed. Most of the cases you're talking about are cases where it makes no sense to talk about shared config. Let's acknowledge that those cases exist, and are not the cases of interest here, and ignore them. If you want to have distinct settings on each server, then go manage them distinctly; there's nothing else to talk about there.

But if you want to have a number of servers with nearly identical layout, as I already described in the example in my first post, then replication of cn=config is attractive because we can leverage the uniformity and reduce administrative overhead. If there is no uniformity to leverage, then too bad.

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