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Re: slapadd: which database to open

Pierangelo Masarati writes:
> The inexperienced or incautious user would probably 
> erroneously feel safe when the wrong ldif happens to load in the right, 
> yet unintended database.

I don't quite get it.  Which unintended database?  There is only one
database into which any entry will go, based on the DN.

If you just mean the user slapadds an LDIF he shouldn't have slapadded,
well, though.  The user might do lots of things he didn't intend to,
like accidentally typing rm * instead of rm something*.  Besides, the
slapadd can succeed already since there already is a default database to

> My favorite approach would be to have slapadd return more sophisticated 
> and useful messages,

That's always good.

> With respect to the "smart" behavior Matthew suggests (loading multiple 
> databases within one execution of slapadd), it looks definitely 
> intriguing, but since it quite departs from the current behavior, I'd 
> protect it behind an explicit switch (e.g. -b "", or -n "detect").

If so, I'd prefer -b- and -n-.