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Re: slapadd: which database to open

--On Wednesday, March 04, 2009 3:45 PM -0800 Matthew Backes <mbackes@symas.com> wrote:

With respect to the "smart" behavior Matthew suggests (loading
multiple databases within one execution of slapadd), it looks
definitely intriguing, but since it quite departs from the current
behavior, I'd protect it behind an explicit switch (e.g. -b "", or -
n "detect").

Purely from a UI perspective, -b "" sounds like loading LDIF into the rootDSE; a bit confusing perhaps. Additionally, empty arguments tend to cause great confusion between users and their shell. -n detect sounds okay.

I'd also note it seems to forget that some of us root their database at "", so that's another reason to avoid using -b "" for this. It already has a use case.



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