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Re: test049, test050, test053 in HEAD now fail

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
Pierangelo Masarati writes:
Well, you need to re-configure, because tests/run is generated. I should have pointed it out in the commit log, but I did it long before I committed, sorry.

cvs update make distclean; ./configure with my old parameters; ...; cd tests

$ ./run test049
Waiting 20 seconds for syncrepl to receive changes...
Using ldapsearch to check that syncrepl received database changes...
Waiting 5 seconds for syncrepl to receive changes... {tried 6 times}
ldapsearch failed (32)!

{0}core.ldif is in the consumers this time though.
The other tests succeed.

Works here (after a fresh update). Can you run manually the search that's tried at that point of test049 (after run -k)? The error code "32" is fake, it's not what ldapsearch returned. Anything but receiving the expected DN will print 32.


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