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Re: test049, test050, test053 in HEAD now fail

Howard Chu wrote:
Howard Chu wrote:
Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
test049 fails with invalid DN
    "cn=Ursula Hampster,ou=Alumni Association,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com"
in the consumer because core.schema with 'ou' and 'dc' is not loaded.

test050 similarly fails on "dc=example,dc=com".

test053 also fails, i have not checked why.  Like test050 it keeps
waiting for syncrepl to receive changes, then gives up.

If it makes a difference, my configuration is
./configure --enable-dynamic --enable-modules --enable-dynamic
       --enable-dynacl --enable-aci --enable-crypt --enable-lmpasswd
       --enable-modules --enable-spasswd --enable-rlookups --enable-slapi
       --enable-backends=mod --disable-ndb --disable-sql --enable-overlays=mod

Hm, all of these tests passed for me but I only have
     '--enable-modules' '--enable-overlays=mod' '--enable-ldap' '--enable-meta'
at the moment...

Ah, my tree wasn't fully up to date; in particular I don't have a current
acl.c / aclparse.c. On my fully updated tree test049 failed, waiting for
syncrepl to receive changes. Seems this ACL code has broken something.

No, that wasn't the problem. This commit


is leaving SYNCTYPE undefined so it defaults to refreshOnly with no repeat interval, so the consumer connects once and then goes away, and it never sees the core.schema being loaded on the provider.
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