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Re: "widely supported scripting language" for make test (was ITS#5809)

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
Michael Ströder wrote:

What do you consider a "widely supported scripting language"?

During some discussions about the test suite I felt that having a more powerful scripting language would help dealing with some of the problems in a more elegant way.

I know this is going to raise a can of worms.

Yes, I know.

Since we're aiming at all Un*x platforms without very special development tools, I believe plain sh and awk (no gawk or so) is sort of mandatory.

So do the Samba people AFAICS. And they have many scripts implemented in Python.

I concur we could make use of much better languages (I'd vote python over perl, but that's personal taste), but I think we cannot have stock tests requiring python right now.

E.g. python-ldap already has a schema-aware dictionary-like Entry class which can handle all sorts of aliasing.

The point why I'm asking is also that I already thought about implementing a test suite for python-ldap which would be the basic tests also useful for OpenLDAP slapd testing.

Ciao, Michael.