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"widely supported scripting language" for make test (was ITS#5809)

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ando@sys-net.it wrote:
Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

I'm hitting an issue like this in some of the replication tests I'm
currently performing.  For this purpose, I think we could hack
ldapsearch (or add a new prog, or use a script on ldapsearch output)
that sorts entries content attribute-wise and, within each attribute,
value-wise.  Something like "sort" applied entry-wise after unwrapping
line folding, optionally case-insensitive would probably suffice.
I have a script somewhere from Matt Backes @ Symas that sorts LDIF files. It was useful for seeing if it made any difference in slapadd (it didn't).

Well, if it were distributable, and written in a widely supported scripting language, it would be quite useful...

What do you consider a "widely supported scripting language"?

During some discussions about the test suite I felt that having a more powerful scripting language would help dealing with some of the problems in a more elegant way.

Ciao, Michael.