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Re: slapd fails an assertion

Emmanuel Dreyfus skrev:

I have a setup where slapd regularly fails and assertion and exits:
assertion "SLAP_SOCK_IS_ACTIVE( s )" failed: file "daemon.c", line 931, function "slapd_clr_write"

I don't have epoll(4), nor /dev/poll, neitheram I running on win32, so
the right definition for me is
# define SLAP_SOCK_IS_ACTIVE(fd)        FD_ISSET((fd), &slap_daemon.sd_actives)

Any hint? This is OpenLDAP-2.4.9 on NetBSD-4.0. Is it possible that this
problem be fixed in a later OpenLDAP version?

Sounds like ITS#5489, fixed in 2.4.10 and newer. I would definitely upgrade to 2.4.11, many bugs fixed since 2.4.9.