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Re: demand slapindex after slapd.conf += index

Howard Chu writes:
>Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
>> (...) To teach people to run sbin/slapindex after adding an index to
>> slapd.conf, slapd can refuse to start if an index file is missing but
>> dn2id.bdb exists.  (...)
> It may make sense for slapd, but it would require a fair bit of
> restructuring.  Currently we don't create the index file until an
> attribute actually references it.

Whoops.  I noticed that we had a displayName index even though there is
no displayName in our database, but read operations that write to the
database didn't occur to me:-(  Seems a bit strange, but it's true it's
not worth worrying about just for this.

> Also, this approach won't detect the problem case of the index
> definition for an already indexed attribute being changed. (E.g.,
> adding presence to an attribute that already has an eq index.)

True ehough, thus just "teach" and not "enforce".  Anyway, I guess I'll
go back to dreaming of a file in the database directory which tracks the
various config options needed for that database.  Might even implement
it someday, once I figure out which config options to deem sufficiently