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Re: demand slapindex after slapd.conf += index

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
A suggestion for a vain attempt to kill a FAQ:

To teach people to run sbin/slapindex after adding an index to
slapd.conf, slapd can refuse to start if an index file is missing but
dn2id.bdb exists.  Same with other slap tools that need to open/create
the index file.  (At least slapadd, I don't know if there are others.)

slapindex and slapcat, at least, will need to keep working.

If database recovery can sabotage this feature or vice versa, recovery
will of course have to take precedence.

It may make sense for slapd, but it would require a fair bit of restructuring. Currently we don't create the index file until an attribute actually references it. So it's perfectly valid for an index file to be missing at startup time, just because no entries needed that index yet.

Also, this approach won't detect the problem case of the index definition for an already indexed attribute being changed. (E.g., adding presence to an attribute that already has an eq index.)
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