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Re: test suite data

Howard Chu wrote:
I'm currently trying to run "make test" with back-ndb and most of the comparisons fail even though the backend is behaving correctly.
1) back-ndb always fills in all objectclasses in the objectclass chain, while the test.ldif files omit most of the superior classes.
2) back-ndb always returns attributes in the order they were defined in their corresponding objectclass definition, instead of preserving whatever order they were submitted in.

Any thoughts on how to address this?

Well, my first reaction is that a test suite based on shell-scripts makes it hard to really be LDAPv3 compliant.

The complete solution is to have schema-aware LDAP clients for testing. Obviously you need a decent programming language for the tests.

Fine-grained error checking/handling is another issue with the shell-based approach.

And I wonder whether it's worth to think about speeding up the test suite by clustering tests so that not every trivial test script has to bother with slapd configuration and loading test data. I'm aware that isolating tests from each other has some advantages too though.

Ciao, Michael.