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Re: non-unix help needed: valid filename characters?

Howard Chu writes:
> Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
>> Sigh, this took longer than expected to finish, and then testing
>> ran into problems which I _think_ is a current ITS and not mine,
>> but...  maybe I should just apply the filename-specific part
>> of my ldif patches, after a bit of cleanup.
> A current back-ldif ITS? Or something else?

HEAD with my current back-ldif version, "./run -b ldif all"
crashed in some syncrepl stuff.  Couldn't yet reproduce it.

>> Or maybe it's better to wait till next release after all, since this
>> gets rather late before the current release.
> I guess just commit to HEAD in stages. We can skip this for 2.4.9 if
> necessary.


>> I forgot, how do I _test_ if the program is running on a box where \ is
>> a directory separator?  defined(_WIN32) apparently means the Windows
>> API, not Unix emulations.  Or not all of them anyway.  Googling around,
>> the best I found was to collect various symbols in an #ifdef - the more
>> the merrier.
> ldap_config.h just tests for _WIN32 and defines LDAP_DIRSEP. There is
> no reason to do anything beyond that. Cygwin does its own machinations
> already and we don't know or care what they are.

So MingW and Cygwin translate filenames with "forbidden characters"
like \ to something which works on Windows?

>> #if defined(_WIN32) || defined(_MSC_VER) || (...)
> Ugh. No.

Ugh indeed.  OK:-)