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Re: non-unix help needed: valid filename characters?

Heh.  Thanks for the info.  Have you built OpenLDAP on everything?
I expected I'd need advice from half a dozen different people:-)

Howard Chu writes:
> MacOSX supports both BSD UFS and Mac HFS(+). In UFS a forward slash is
> reserved as a path separator, while in HFS the colon serves that purpose.
> MacOSX swaps the two whenever they appear in the wrong filesystem.
> (...) Currently the MacOSX FileManager will always display paths with
> "/" as the separator, so it's simplest to treat MacOSX the same as
> Unix/POSIX.

Might as well hex-escape ':' on all systems, since it's troublesome at
least for the users on both MacOSX and Windows.

(And '/', 8-bit and control chars, and a special hack for windows
according to your latest message on the ITS.)

> (...)
> Building OpenLDAP as a Cygwin app is not recommended and I see no reason to
> make any special effort to support it.

Ah, OK.  I was just severely out of date.