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Re: commit: ldap/include lber_pvt.h

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
hyc@OpenLDAP.org writes:
	lber_pvt.h  1.39 ->  1.40
Silence BER_BVC warning

-#define BER_BVC(s)		{ STRLENOF(s), (s) }
+#define BER_BVC(s)		{ STRLENOF(s), (char *)(s) }

Is this a "cast away const"?


> It also removes warnings about genuine
type errors.

If it's just for a few cases, how about adding a BER_BVCC macro which
takes a const char[] instead?  Or if it's for C++, that can use
const_cast<char *>(s).

OK, either of those would be fine if you want to revert this checkin. Though we shouldn't use any C++ syntax in these headers.
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