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Make SASL hostname canonicalization optional (RFC on patch approach)

I've been having issues with SASL and having the hostname canonicalized in
two places, once in OpenLDAP's SASL code, and again in the SASL provider
(GSSAPI) library. I'm able to disable the SASL mechanism step, but it is
mandatory in current OpenLDAP code.

I found discussion from a few months ago surrounding the submittal of a
patch to disable hostname canonicalization [1]. The issue appeared to be
settled with discussion of a single use case where the URI references a
CNAME which redirects to one of several machines in a cluster, in which case
the canonicalization needs to be done to relate to the actual machine
connected to. I agree that in such a situation, the canonicalization is

I have one of many imaginable use cases, however, where the canonicalization
is strictly must *not* occur in order for proper function. Two cases that I
have personally, I'm sure there are others that are similiar:

1) As an ISP service provider I may have several DNS service names that
happen to be on the same server, yet I want to maintain separate identities
to make the services nearly transparent to migrate to dedicated hardware in
the future if the need arises. Suppose that I have directory.example.com and
imap.example.com on the same box, whose hostname is lucy.example.com. I
would have three A records (or one A record and two CNAMES) for the same
box, but since I can only have one PTR record,

2) On my home network I wish to use OpenLDAP, but my local server is on a
DSL connection and I have no control over the DNS PTR records, and as such
the records are effectively meaningless to the operation of my system. I do
impose the requirement of mandatory TLS (via security ssf=128) which in and
of itself provides stonger server authentication than name canonicalization
via reverse DNS.

A deficiency of the previously patch [1] appears to be that the option is
not configurable, so I have created a related patch [2] (currently against
2.4.8, not quite HEAD) to add a runtime configuration option to select
whether or not the name canonicalization should be performed. It defaults to
true, the current behavior. The patch is still in progress, but has the
functionality and provides an illustration of my approach. The following are
known issues that will be addressed:

1) The actual hostname we successfully connected to should be used instead
of blindly using ldo_defludp->lud_host

2) There is as of yet no implementation for the ldap_{set,get}_option cases
for the new options. I have a stub in ldap_int_set_sasl_option, but haven't
pulled in the LDAP_INT_GLOBAL_OPT reference to get access to the boolean

3) As a result of 2, there is not a commandline option specified.

I propose that this would be a very valuable option, especially since there
are cases where name canonicalization is infeasible if not impossible, as
well as the fact that combined with TLS stronger server authentication is
available. To use GSSAPI with SASL, it should also be noted that the more
recent Kerberos RFCs have specifically required that reverse DNS *not* be
used [3]. I'm looking for comments on the viability of such a patch being
included in the base software, as well as comments on the patch itself.

Joel Johnson

[1] http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-devel/200710/msg00088.html
[3] RFC 4120 - "Implementations of Kerberos and protocols based on Kerberos
MUST NOT use insecure DNS queries to canonicalize the hostname components of
the service principal names"