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Re: performance

> It would also be worthwhile to revisit Jong's patch in ITS#3851...
> (The 50M entry DB occupied 69GB on disk. The last time I tested a DB of
> this
> size was on an SGI Altix with 480GB of RAM and 32 CPUs available. Testing
> it
> on a machine with only 16GB of RAM was not a lot of fun, it turns into
> mainly
> a test of disk speed. OpenLDAP delivered only 160 auths/second on XFS, and
> 200
> auths/second on EXT2FS. Isode delivered 8 auths/sec on EXT2FS, and I never
> got
> a test result for XFS.)

Not much to add, other than the fact I was just about to download the
Isode LDAP offering for playing with...


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