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Re: managing OpenLDAP / back-config

[Ralf Haferkamp]
> Hm, have you heard of ldapvi? I think that does exactly what you are
> describing above:
> http://www.lichteblau.com/ldapvi/

Thanks, will look.

[Hallvard B Furuseth]
>> Assertion controls in the generated LDIF (...)
>> This requires support for assertion controls in back-ldif/back-config,
>> and some attribute for the assertion to test.  Maybe an automatically
>> maintained md5sum(contents of entry) attribute.

Or rather dynamically generated, since people might edit LDIFs in
cn=config by hand if slapd won't start.

>> From an implicitly included overlay, I guess.  (Lacking that, it
>> could at least check modifyTimeStamp.)