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Re: commit: ldap/servers/slapd/overlays dyngroup.c

Howard Chu wrote:

> I just went back and re-read ITS#3756. If dyngroup functionality is
> working fine in dynlist now, then we should just cvs rm dyngroup and
> drop it from 2.4.

I'll check.

> In the meantime, I need to add support for dgIdentity to something. At
> this point I guess that means I'll add it to dynlist.

Well, you'd kill two birds with one stone ;)

> It seems to me that we have 3 possible behaviors when the dgIdentity
> attribute is not present:
>     1) search anonymously, as suggested in the Haripriya draft
>     2) search as the current user, as currently implemented
>     3) search as "self" i.e. the group DN
> I'm thinking of adding a keyword to select this behavior. This would be
> a single option that affects the entire overlay, not on a per-attrset
> basis.

As I commented on ldapext@ietf.org on that draft, I think we should
rather enhance that concept by providing granular access policies.  For

a) absent dgIdentity: search with user's identity
b) empty dgIdentity: search anonymously
c) present dgIdentity: search with dgIdentity; but: if dgAuthz is
present, check that user's identity complies with that policy (much like
idassert-authzFrom, with OpenLDAP authz syntax.

A dgPolicy flag could determine what behavior, in case of no compliance
with policy, should be taken: either (a) or (b), or none.

I don't think the original Author was fine with my remarks, so we should
just take our own path, and perhaps re-define dgIdentity, to clearly
depart from that (broken, IMHO) draft.


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